The Adventures of Crunchy and Munchy Squirrel by Levester Williams, Author & Publisher

Author, Levester Williams from Inglewood, California

“I want to share my God-given talent as a storyteller with as many children across the world as possible.”

Author and Publisher, Levester Williams is a native of Inglewood, California. Winning first place in a grade school creative writing competition inspired him at an early age to write. One of his mother’s sayings when he was a child inspired him to start the series, The Adventures of Crunchy and Munchy Squirrel. She repeatedly told him, “When you don’t obey, bad things happen.” – A lesson you will find reflected in his first book, “Field Nuts”.

Williams’ goal is to help with character building in children and intends for his books to have a positive impact on parents and kids alike.

”Parents have told me over and over that their children ask to hear my books at bed time every night. I think the parents also really enjoy reading about the adventures these squirrels take and the moral lessons they teach.”